Information with regard to admission to Nursery is given in the School Calendar.
Eligibility of age for admission to Nursery is 3 years plus (40 months) as on Jan 1st. Together with the application, a photocopy of the birth certificate obtained from the Municipal Corporation or Hospital Records is to be submitted. In case of higher classes, a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended is required which should be duly counter signed by the D.E.O. or any other senior officer. All the above admissions will be subjected to a test of capacity by means of oral and written tests. Admission, and assignments to a particular section of the class are entirely reserved to the school authorities. The correct date of birth is to be given at the time of admission. No changes in the date of birth will be entertained. The date of birth once registered cannot be altered.
Course of Study
1.         One year of Nursery (40 months completed, 3+).
2.         Two years of KG (KG I and KG II) 4+ and 5+).
3.         Two years of KG and Ten years for ICSE + Two years for ISC years of school studies.
4.         Public examinations are held at the end of Class X (ICSE) & Class XII (ISC).
5.         For ICSE examination, each and every student must take the following subjects :
  • ARTS

Rules and regulation of the syllabus and assessment of students performance are one in Accordance with the standard set by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.

6.      For the ISC examination, every student is required to take ENGLISH (Compulsory) with four to five elective subjects. Additionally the Students will have internal assessment for Life Skills and SOCIALLY USEFUL PRODUCTIVE WORKS AND COMMUNITY SERVICE.  


  • Science Stream
  • Humanities


  • ENGLISH (Compulsory)
  • Electives (4 – 5 Electives can be chosen from the below subjects)
    • Political Science
    • Geography
    • Sociology
    • Economics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Mathematics
    • Computer Science
    • Art
    • Psychology
    • Physical Education

N.B :   

  •     ICSE is a package of two years, Std. IX and X. No admission is entertained between the year.
  •     ISC is a package of two years Std. XI and XII. No admission is possible in between the year.

The Documents required at the time of admission.:   

  •     Copy of Birth Certificate
  •     Copy of Mark Sheet
  •     Original Transfer Certificate (or within 30 Days)
  •     Permanent Education Number from Previous School
  •     Aadhar Card Copy of Student & Parents.

Academic Year and Timings

The School academic year commences in January and ends in December. The School runs in two shifts. Nursery to Class IV in the first shift, and Class V to Class XII in the second shift.

First shift timings:      07.00 A.M. to 10.15 A.M.
Second Shift timings: 11:15 A.M. to 04.30 P.M

These timings are subject to change whenever necessary; it may not always be possible to intimate the change in advance.

Rules for payment of School & Transposrt Fees

  1. The School Fee payment will be collected monthly base,The mode of school fees payment will be ONLINE ONLY,Parents are requested to pay the fees every month before 15th.There will be a late fee of Rs.50/-against the payment after 15th of said month
  2. You can now make online fee payment for your ward.To download the application,go to google play store from your Android mobile & search "Holy Cross School,Agartala" OR go to https.//www.parentsalarmapp.downoload the application.
  3. i)Log in with your ID credential.
    ii)Click on Fee Payment option from app menu.
    iii)Make your payment.
    iv)Kindly download and save the Fee Receipt.
  4. The School Fees cover twelve calendar months. No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods.
  5. No students will be allowed to sit for any terminal examination unless all school dues have been cleared before the respective examination.
  6. No concession is allowed when more than one child from a family is studying in the school.
  7. Fees will have to be paid as long as pupils name is on the roll.
  8. The school fees and other dues are liable to be revised at any time.
  9. Certificates will be withheld from pupils who have arrears of fees. Fees for the vacation months are to be paid in advance.
  10. Pupils joining or leaving the school during the year will have to pay all the fees of that quarter. (January-March/April-June/July-September/October-December)
  11. Parents /Guardians may deposit all the fees at a time in the beginning of the year.

Academic Session
            The School Academic year is divided into two terms:
            1st Term           :           January to May
            2nd Term          :           June to December